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Oh yeah! The autumn is here and almost winter time, but something great is happening during this cold seasons and this is Cross-Country, a hard challenging running discipline but a beautiful experience at the same time . It is being the winter discipline for a mid-long distance runner, which offers plenty of benefits to improve your performance and keep you on shape during the cold season getting ready for next year races.

So,have a look below the features and the plenty of benefits that Cross Country offers you:

1. Distance: Only from 6k - 12k to run though the wild. It is a light version of trail running, as the surface is more stable and it allows to run all the way and so working on your aerobic power, which is based on keep a high pace without fatigue,the ideal distance allows you to improve your pace and performance.

2. Race course: it based on country side , where you will be running through grass, trail path but though but at the same time easy to run. The hardest part is when is affected by the weather conditions as the rain and wind could you made you run on muddy course that it will challenge your balance and also the wind could be a barrier to run against , but nothing that you can't handle with a strong mind.

3. The best benefit: It is the perfect option for intermediate-advanced runners that want to stay on shape through the winter or improve personal best in spring races, specially 10k-21k as the cross -country conditions will make you stronger to run easier on road or track.

4. Prevent injuries: It could cause injuries if you are not running carefully on the unstable course, but it is a perfect way to work your muscle and joins strength on the elevation and descended points or unstable surface.

5. Run with a team: you must to enter with a team but running individually. It is a easy to train with more people and also it helps to get done the licence fee as cross country races are regulated by the National Athletic Association, but don’t feel scared,everyone is welcome!

I hope this motivates you to try it and sign up,definitely you will have fun at the same time you improve your performance. I. am doing it this year ,Are you fancy to join me?

Sending a lot of energy for this week,

Miriam Jimenez

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