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Aloha to everyone!

July is here and summer definitely began offering more activities outdoors and escapes. I am sure many of you will try to go away close by the sea and enjoy the beautiful landscape releaxing by the beach, so for this reason, I designed a exmaple routine to train by the beach during your time away. It is a high intesive full body workout ,which includes easy 3 upper body exercises and 3 low body exercise that will push you working out beside the sea using the resistance of the sand, soft and nice but a good challenge at the same time.

Don't worry about your level of fitness, you can choose between 3 options that it will suit your level:

-Level 1: 5 x 20seg. / 10seg rest(15min): It consists in to do 20sec every drill with 10 sec rest between every exercise ,completing 5 laps and resting 1 min between laps.

-Level 2:5x30seg./ 20seg. rest (22min): This level consists in do 5 laps of every drill during 30sec resting 20sec between exercise and 40 sec between sets.

-Level 3:5x40seg./1min .rest between laps ( 32min): This is the killer level but definitely you will feel it in a good way. 5 laps of 40 sec every drill with no rest time between drills ,only between laps 1min.

As you can see you got different options so pick which one you like and progress to the next level every week. Every exercise demands different level of effort, as upper bosy would like easy focus on the strengh and the low body will be more cardio and strength,being the hardest.

Don't forget to warm up with 10min of movility workout and jogging between the warm-up drills . I high recommend to di this workout without shoes and really care with the sand, as it is really good to work the strength of your joins without realising but it offers a injury possibility if you are not doing the drills right.

The ideal plan for a week would be to do this session 3 times a week with a day recovery between sessions,using at least 2 of this resting days for a low effort activities like easy run,swim or bike for 3min-1h workout.

Find all the workout below or on my YouTube channel Miss Personal Trainerto do anytime,anywhere.

So no excuses ,go for it and let me know how is going!


​A lot of #staminapower!

By Miriam Jimenez


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