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There is so much knowledge on the internet and social networks, that we no longer know what to believe and what not to believe, what to continue to achieve our training goals. I advise you to always read information based on scientific evidence or shared by Graduates in Sports Sciences, since it will always be based on principles of improving your health in a progressive and correct way, prioritizing the technique so that you learn and do not get injured, adapted to your level and not amazing exercises that maybe your performance is not prepared to assimilate.

With this said, I can say that there is not a single way to achieve your goals, you can do concurrent training, which trains different basic physical qualities (speed, endurance, strength, flexibility, etc. for example) and also commend it with functional training, which We will see later, on the same training plan according to the time of the training plan and objective.

By this I mean that not only does HIIT help improve your body composition, you don't always have to do the same and also your body needs different types of training depending on your level, time of your training plan and daily sensations. And now, after talking that there are different types of training and we can combine them all or not according to your profile, I would like to talk to you about functional training.

Functional Training as its name suggests is training that aims to "make you functional" for life, in a nutshell. Many times we work muscles in a specific way by performing repetitive squats and variations in the same set because we are only interested in defining the gluteus and we are not interested in working arms for example, but without taking into account the rest of the elements that the body needs to activate in order to react to tasks of daily life, such as lifting some boxes and furniture while moving, picking up something on the top shelf, running after your children who ran away or carrying the groceries without back pain, tasks that are part of your daily life and that they extend to the rest of your life.

So, to make it clearer to us, what is Functional Training?

Functional training tries to work on gestures that the human being performs throughout his life. That is why I could highlight the 8 types of Primary Movement patterns on which a functional training bases its workouts:




-Squatting ( speciale deep squat)




-Core rotation

-Locomotion (walking, running, lateral movements, quadruped, crawling, crawling, change of support, jumps, changes of direction and speed, etc)

Therefore, their sessions usually progress from simple exercises controlling the technique with your own weight to more challenging exercises in suspension with TRX, elastic bands, kettlebells and free weight among other elements, without neglecting mobility and flexibility, very important factors too. in this type of training. But what benefits will it bring me if my goals are different? With the previous description, it does not mean that you should train this type of training without taking into account your goals for muscle mass gain, body composition balance or if you are a runner, for example.

This type of training can be oriented by your coach to your main goals, working in a compensatory way, in balance and progression towards the priorities of your training plan. I also firmly believe in the unlimited amount at the postural level, improvement of technique, reduction of short and long-term injuries, both in your sporting goals and in daily stress (back pain, knee pain, etc.) and everything you learn. training to train with long-term knowledge,

In conclusion team, I firmly believe that the short and long term benefits for your health of functional training with good planning are incredible, not only will you achieve your goals quickly and safely, but your body will appreciate it in the short and long term. . It is in short, a type of training that we should work adapted to our needs and fitness, in all stages of our life.

I hope the team has served you and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me by email or on Instagram to resolve your doubts. See you in the next post!

Wish you all the Stamina Power

Miss Personal Trainer


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