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Hey dears!

Any challenges coming up? My big challenge of the year is 10 DAYS ahead.. London Virgin Marathon! I am sure a few of you will join me at the start line and the nervous are on already. I don’t going to lie, Yes I am ! No because it is a race, it is more about how special it is to run one the biggest marathons in the world and in my current city , London! .

If I have to talk about my training , it had a few ups and downs. I started training back to December, doing easy runs from 5-12k and a few days of strength. I planned a few half-marathons , the first one on January, a trail half-marathon in Dover, which never happened. As I explained in my last post, it was cancelled due to weather conditions. Why trail , if I will be running on pavement? As a part of beginning of the plan, trails and cross country has really unstable surface with hills , which will help you to work on you muscle strength and endurance in dynamic way, of course is offers a opportunity to get injured if you are not careful.

Well, after the this ” No-Race ” I booked my first and the only official race before the big day , Surrey Half-Marathon last 12th March ,32miles from London and good reviews about the course.

Definalty, You never know how the weather could be in England and even if the forecast was “sunny” and “cloudy” , after the first km the fun started.. it was pouring heavy rain for 4km ,which was the longest and hardest part of the course. Puddles everywhere, busy road and hard to see, next time I wouldn’t forget my swimming glasses haha…

After all, it was a good race ,simple lap ,pretty flat, just one up hill and down , but I great course to run. My strategic is not a hidden secret, always I “test” my body for the first 2km running a comfortable pace , which allows me breath without hyperventilated and good muscle feeling without dragging feeling and that’s the way I ran all the race.

But every race is a new adventure, it doesn’t matter if you ran that distance before, you never know what is going to happen. Surprisly, I managed to maintain the same pace per km for 21k, only the last 2 km,I started to feel the low energy in my legs, but my cardio was perfect.

However, happy with my first marathon time after 2 years without running this distance in a race , finishing on 1.34 h and really surprised with myself as I haven’t ran this distance at this pace consistently, so good feelings even if the week after was a little bit painful the week after because of the lactic in my legs,but that’s is including in the package!.

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