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Hi Runners!!

Yeah London Marathon is finally done and I am sure is being a though weeks back to work with sore muscles , walking up and down the stairs , feelings that kind of makes you laugh as we move so funny this days, but it is all normal guys after a such long distance.

So , yes the race day arrived and I will share my experience about this great day.

I have to say that I was one of the lucky runners to live just around the Start Line, which took me only 15min walk from home getting ready properly without worry about if I would be on time of not.

I got there 40min before with a friend , who was running too, having plenty of time to leave hour bags and find a good position at the start line. Even having runners everywhere, we had enough space at the start line and everyone was looking so focus. At 10am exactly we started to run, my plan was test myself every mile and find a confortable pace and that what I did. Happily I ran the first half enjoying every single step, the weather was warm with 17 degrees playing against us , point to considered when we should take some water and check if we were feeling ok. I took water every single station, I was feeling thirsty and I knew my body will need it. At km 12 I started eating one of my protein bars, as the organisation team only offered gels on the course, the reason I guess it is the option that works for mostly of the runners.p, but no for me.

So, as I was saying ,start eating but not because I was hungry but I knew my body need it, taking small bits at km 12, 20, 26km but drinking water more often.

The race was going pretty good, nice pace, quiet hot but I wasn’t struggle too much after the first half, enjoying the route and having 5 with kids cheering you all the way.

The views were incredible, one of the most special moments was between Mile 12 and Mile 13, we had a “L” turn and there was great Tower Bridge , I saw it many times but I never ran on the middle of the road , it was an spectacular moment with lauder people giving you the best energy.

Once we passed, another half- marathon was left and the good feelings still on. The elite runners were turning back and watching from outside was spectacular. The fight between Daniel Wanjiru and Bekele with a 100m from each other . I couldn’t resist to cheer them on and also to Javi Guerra with a great performance on the top 10.

I continued running as normal as before but everything turned at Mile 18. The pains started to appears and I was mentally ready for it because I knew would happen in some point. I tried to keep motivated but I started struggled as the pains were increasing. The most scary thing was that it wasn’t muscle pain, a deep pain on my left knee made me to take it seriously and at Mile 20 my ankle started to hurt a lot. I was on my right one by the top and the reason could be old injury that when I do a intense long workout , the alarm switched on. So , I decided to slow down and my motivation when down too. I was scared to get it worse, so I stopped to check my km pace , negative thoughts just came to my mind saying “Stop”, ” you can’t do it”. My cardio was great but these pains were getting more intense and the miles were getting longer a longer, even thinking that was only 6 miles left against the 20 that I already done. But the situation wasn’t getting better. At Mile 21 I expected to high up with the great the NRC ,wild tr runners and my work team cheering zone,friends cheering on but just I could offer a smile ,struggling the longest 5 miles ever.

Finally last km, I tried to push as much as I could to finish strong. 400m left, the mall , Just I imagined 2 years ago tha I was behind those barries cherring Mo Farah running to the finish line giving all his energy,so I tried to do the same at my pace of course and finallly, I saw it and finally I crossed it.

No words can’t describe how amazing the emotional feelings I had in this race. In some points just I want to cry of happiness. The power of the londonners cheering us was incredible ,the atention from the organisers was lovely and even though I finished 13min over my goal, the race was simply beautiful.

Thanks so much or all your support and remember, even if you are competitive person like me,the experience from the races are the most rewarding price for us,only we need to learn from the lesson and keep smiling. Well done to everyone and don’t miss out he race video cliking in this link: London Marathon

A lot of love for all! Miriam Jimenez

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