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We are half way of the summer season and the weather can't be better . Sunshine, enjoying days at the beach or being outdoors sharing great moments more than often it is being a bless.

At the same time, maybe we are getting to comfortable and worry about our fitness program, which is not going anywhere because we are relaxing too much affecting our motivation. But to be honest, summer offers a plenty of opportunities to work out settting up our active routine with small steps.

Don't worry, the plan is not train 5 times per week, get into a strict nutrition plan that it would you stress you out before you start. The whole point is go step by step without extreme changes to your daily routine and summer it would helps you a lot . Let's take the next advices as the pre-steps to make it easier the Back to Fitness on September.

Firstly, it is not a better opportunity to get out doors with these amazing weather, it is inviting straight away to be outdoors. Believe or not, the summer season is seems to give you more energy to do things. For this reason ,we need to take the advantage and go out for a walk ,biking, swimming or run, between plenty activities that summer is offering you. Specially when you are on holidays away, you can try to do thing that you never done before. Kayaking, windsurfing or even start to run ,it is easier to get motivated than in another season.

It is the best moment to choose when you want to train, find out if you are a morning or evening person. Everyone is different, maybe you prefer to wake up early and go for a quick run followed by a short circuit training or maybe you prefer to train in the evening, go for a chill walk by the sea side or do some mobility drills with the sunset. This moments will help you to set up your ahead routine ,as you body will ask you for exercise thanks to the hormones that you will segreged during your past activity during the summer.

Considering you level of fitness you can get more intense ,but to be honest the whole point is make you to feel comfortable and train you mind and your body to keep going when the summer would be gone and the cold will arrives.

Another important point is the nutrition. The nice and weather is asking you for cool and fresh food, which is the perfect opportunity to introduce some heathy habits. For example, a cold coffee with peanut butter fruit mix bowl , grill meat with salad or lentils,quinoa or brown rice dishes are some fresh and heathy options that you will happy to take. In my opinion , I try to reduce the carbs and satured fat food intake or bubble drinks, which are the less heathy options, as they are the hardest to digest ,making you to feel heavy and lazy and taking out all your energy. It is not means you can't take at all, but in my case I reduce the quantity to 1 or 2 times per week, keeping my fitness up and feeling full of energy.

So yes, these are my suggestions to help you out to keep you active during the summer and makes you easier you back to fitness in September . I believe the extreme changes in your diet or daily routine are the reasons why people struggle to keep up with their fitness or leave before to see any of their results. Big changes need patience and baby steps, so keep on it and don't forget to enjoy your summer!.

As an idea to inspire you, please click on the next link to relax and feel great with a sequence inspired by Yoga moves with deep breaths. Definately you will get all the good vibes doing in during a sunrise or Sunset.

All the best to all !

Miriam Jimenez

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