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Aloha dears!

It is been a while since my last post but after a busy end of summer I am back to tell you about my experiences!

This year , I decided to do something that always it is on my ” Wish list” and it is ” Travel to a new country”. So, after talk with some my best friend back to Spain about do a trip together that we never have the chance to do, she told me about her plan to spend one month in Peru and know more about their culture.Without thinking too much , I decided to join her as long as I can on her trip and we bought the tickets! Omg… what we had done was the first thought but at the same time we was so excited.

As I couldn’t take one month of holidays because I got another holidays planned and work too, I booked 15 days to travel with her,doing my first trip on my own to South america and meet my friend there and taking the flight back together.

The most scary part maybe was that, travel on my own for 3 days,stopping in Miami for 24 hours before take another flight to Lima and another one to my final destination in Cuzco,where my friend was waiting for me.

The Adventure started in Madrid, taking a flight of 8.30h to Miami traveling with American Airlines,which was more than I expected. My free seat beside the window,with my own TV in front of my seat including a great selection of movies,music,games that did my trip shorter watching all Disney movies. Snacks ,drinks,lunch all inclusive with a great service from the crew made me feel “dreaming”in the clouds,definalty a great Airlanes company with great American vibes.


We left Madrid at 13.30pm ad we landed in Miami time at 15,30pm .I slept like 5 hours,no too bad as I don’t mind long trips and also I was lucky enough to arrive at day time,flying above Bahama’s island,which is one of the most beautiful views that I had seen from a plane, incredible clear water with island on the middle on a tuquasie sea.


Once in Miami,my first visit to USA, I was quiet worry about my ESTA Visa, I don’t know if it was right or know and also waiting on the security point I saw it wasn’t allowed vegetable or animal food from other countries and I had my Spanish dinner with me that my mum cooked for me. The security officer nicely told that it was ok if I will eat it.

Finally ,I passed it and after picked up my luggage I went straight away out to find the way to get to my hostel ,really close to Miami South Beach. The weather was really humid out at the airport, planning to get the public transport, I had to get a Hotel taxi,which bring passengers by areas to their accommodation,as the bus station was on the opposite side of my location,so I decided to take taxi instead as I really want to get as soon as possible to my destination.

Only 20 min from Miami International Airport to my final destination,enjoying from the first minute the view from the window of this new place that I am ready to explore.The streets,palm trees around,the cars,every thing remain me back to one of those american movies that I watched on the TV and now it is real.


The hostel called Bikini,it was a typical place for young people , which are visiting Miami for their night parties and surfing days. Really simple but good enough for one night meeting people from different places.


Once I did my Check in and leaving my bags in my room, quickly I changed my outfit to be more comfortable and I went straight away to rent a bike at “citibike” station,one of those bikes that you can find almost in every city and I went straight away to its bay and Star Island, one of the most famous man-made island ,where many celebrities like Gloria Stefan got a house there.It was great to see those amazing mansions and how easy it is to get there,as it is free and the security guard is so kind that he will let you get in with a great welcome.


Two hours ran so quick bringing the dark night.As I was on my own, I decided to get back to the hostel,have my dinner and go to sleep after 30 hours without no rest. I had my dinner at the hostel terrace, meeting new people,which were traveling alone too. One girl from Spain,who is leaving in Colombia and came to spend the bank holidays to Miami on her own and and also a boy from Mexico ,who lives is Texas and was visiting Miami and Bahamas. Without meeting each other before,we shared the table and straight away we start talk about life and the traveling experiences,getting inspired from every story. After a long night talking ,I went to sleep with the idea to wake up early and explore the beach side of Miami.


Born to be free

Miriam J X


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