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I hope all you guys are having a lovely week! Summer is here and holidays plans ahead,so don’wait too much and start thinking your next destination!

I was lucky enough to book a week away from the cloudy London weather and I went to Mallorca for a week last May, booking my holidays through,which I did 6 years ago and offer a great deals. My accommodation at Hoteles Globales Samoa was in Calas de Mallorca, a turist area far from big cities but with lovely places around ,so if you need any suggestions, I would share sith you 3 active plans to enjoy the sun being active :

B.South Route: From Calas de Mallorca, Cala Domingos to Cala Murada are another 5k approximately that you can complete your 10k on your way back.

3. Visit tourist places and cycling : The Drach cave is one of the most iconic places of the island. It is located in Portocristo, a small town close to Calas de Mallorca. A romantic a lovely trip on a small boat through the cave finishing with a beautiful live classic concert ,it is just an experience that you can not miss. The second recommendation of this option, it is travel to Cap Formentor , an incredible landscape where the mountains meets the sea. It is an area really popular for road cicying as it is one of the annual half-Ironman location, which you can practice and challenge yourself with elevation gain points .One of othe most interesting routes is from Pollença town to Formentor lighthouse ,18km to push yourself to the limits. If you don’t have a bike ,don’t worry ,there are many good places to rent a nice bike for cheap money and have a great experience like .


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