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OMG... Black Friday, again? This years goes a fast pace.

I am one of those that I don't like to buy things that I don't need. First because mostly of the time we spend money without thinking what for and second, the space that takes in a house is getting bigger and after we don't know where to put them.

For this reason, I like to shop in these occasions to find the deal based on the need. So, please see below my top ones ft-ideas:

1.Something Termal

Train outdoor is hard on winter, however I love it too. One piece that I can't miss is a thermal or hyper-warm performance kit, that will keeps me warm and tight without restrictions but breathable at the same time. Always I wear them for cycling or running across the winter.You can include a Wind or waterproof jacket, but to be honest, I consider that we got more jackets than thermal in my case.

My recommendation is the Nike Hyper-warm dri-fit top and bottoms with hoodie (quiet important though) and as a plus to avoid get a cold, an ear warmer band is my essential number one!

2. Gym Gear

And, if you prefer train cosy indoors or when you do you gym session, I love the Christmas shiny print for ladies or reflective for mens. Something light and breathable to train comfortably wiithout sweating .For this reason, Nike Pro either for men (vest and shorts ) or women ( tights, bra or vest) is always a plus, good quality at a reasonable price.

3. Waterproof Running Shoes

Who hates to get wet running on a paddle? Me!. A great discover this season is the new Gortex Pegasus 36, what a shoe. I am a fan of Peg's for my daily running, but now it is a Trail edition of it and also waterproof. Run in the wild is wet for sure on winter, so it is a must for it. However, a city shoe could be a little bit heavy, in that case Pegasus 26 Shield is a great option too.

4. Jaybirdsport Earphones

As all you know ,I am thankful to had been selected @jaybirdsport ambassador this year, a brand that support every athlete with the best incredible gadget to keep doing your indoor or outdoor workout without restrictions. They have a great selection of wireless earphones with a very good beat quality that gives you a great push during your workouts. Now they have Tara Earphones for only £49.99, you can have a look here!

5. Larq Bottle

This year is all about sustainability and talking about what you need and what you don't, a reusable metal bottle of water that cleans the water with a Led ultraviolet technology, it looks pretty interesting. I did a collaboration with Larq to try their bottle and I was impressed with the quality and the look of it. Definately, I can't recommend it enough for the planet and for yourself, they offer great deals right know and It is a cool present for Christmas!. Click here to find these lovely bottles.

So yeah, these are my recommendations based on what we really need..or why not as a gift for your training buddy :).

Let me know your options and your interesting deals too!

A lot of running love X



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