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Costwolds: Active Escape in UK

Fancy to escape away this autumn or winter? Uk offers a great opportunities to run away from the busy city and enjoy the quietness of the countryside. At the same time if you love to be active during your time off,go for run ,discover new places and do different sports, Cotswolds is a beautiful location only 2 hours from London.

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to visit Lower Mill Habitat Escapes, a perfect place with lovely lakes with beautiful houses facing them, huge windows that allow you to wake up with a wonderful view. The location offers plenty of opportunities ,if you want active escape with quietness moments on the middle of the nature , this is your place.

Lower Mill are a escape location with individual amazing houses located around lovely lakes, offering you a Spa and indoor swimming pool all day and also gym, but if you are fancy to explore outdoors,you can walk or run by their nice pathways or if you want to be adventurous, Lower Mill has a own trail route to explore the wild and the lakes.

And also it has adventure activities available to practice windsurfing or kayaking between other activities. The lovely cute villages are close the area ,if you want to see the local countryside life and explore this beautiful county.

Definitely, I was so impressed with this amazing place, being passionate about nature and active plans, escape away with friends to Lower Mill is was the perfect weekend. Running in the morning,followed by a swim inside the pool and also having fun with the contrast saunas ,including 4min that I could manage to get into a natural lake ,a big challenge considering that it is November and the water was pretty cold, but as we know, contrasts under control are perfect for blood return,so why not?

I hope you like it and if you have a chance, don’t miss the opportunity to go there and check it out!


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