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Aloha Everyone!

It has been a while since my last post, but never it is too late to share with all an incredible experiences as I had yesterday with Nike Run Club.

Always Nike has an unpredictable ideas to elevate running to the fist level and DAYLIGHT SAVING RUN was another great event. While the time change  at 00.00AM to 1.00AM last night and maybe some of you were in the bed or at the club,we had  a better plan… RUN the city during the change to celebrate and don’t miss any second doing what we love the most…RUNNING.

Once inside the Nike space , everyone had the opportunity to try the latest FLASH PACK collection, Nike Pegasus+32,Nike Structure+19 or Nike Lunargride+7,which offer an amazing features and benefits  like water-repellent shield and high reflective  upper to make you feel secure during your cold and dark winter nights runs.

Flash Pack

     The time arrives and 150 runners,2 Coaches and 16 pacers (me of them) , we left the warm venue to pop out and Run against the Time. Neon wristband ,music and good vibes to enjoy 5k beside the river, and also having fun and do what we love was the main aim.   But, it wasn’t just a run ,we had some good Running drills on the ladders ,which the crew had fun and  also been a little bit competitive  with their selves.


The route was incredible! I never get tired to run across Millennium Bridge with an impressive view of St Paul’s Cathedral ,passing to say “Good Night ” to Big Ben Clock  or contemplate London Eye with a rainbow lights were just beautiful .




The finish line was at the same venue and Dj, food and hoody bags with some treats were wating for the runners, but we didn’t forget to cool-down with some stretching exercises  .




Defiantly we had a good times catching up with the runners  during the after party and enjoy a delicious  recovery muesli with natural yogurt and enjoying the music to end the event.


It is always a pleasure to be part of this incredible runs with my Nike Family and all fellow runners!.


Thanks so much To @nikelondon for another Top Run!

MissPT with Running Love;)


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