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Health VS Performance 

There is a huge controversy around fitness,health or performance that it is seems confusing for everyone that wants to start an active lifestyle or find a challenge aiming for physical change or because they realise that to be active is the best way to feel good and full of energy, but they don’t know how to start on the right platform for their personal goals.

That’s why from my knowledge and my personal opinion, I would love to share some points regarding to these “big fitness sea” that everyone jumps without swim ring that’s made them to back to the beach feeling tired of swimming without finding what they are looking for.

Bañuelos (1996) author of reference in Physical Activity and Health ,suggests that “the quality of life is not measure on the amount of years that we live, but rather by the years that you can live with a great autonomy of your physical skills.”. What a great way to describe and make us to remember that we need to look after our body because it is the only place that we will be living.

Having this on mind, it is time to talk about Health and Performance. The first one is related to do exercise with the only aim to feel good ,maintaining a great funtional physical condition , staying on shape for your range of age (IMC) which allowed to live your life without difficulties. Walk up by the stairs, carry on your shopping, go for holidays and visit places avoiding to feel tired, run behind your kids are really symple activities that if you don’t look after your body ,they could turned to be very difficult and also incrising the risk to suffer injury or sinkness sooner. Activites like Personal training focus on your individual goals and also have an active lifestyle avoiding take transport or easy escapes like lifts, they are actions that will help you to feel with more energy and also really beneficial for your health.

Performance is considered the way to push your physical conditions to the limits to archieve your best. Here is where all the issues appears releated to be healthy or not. When you training to loss weight ,you are working to improve your own performance challeging to cardiovascular system and also physiological with the aim to improve your health too.

But at the same time , here is where are happening the most common mistakes to get injuries and scaring people to don’t come back.From lifting 10k to compete in cross fit 60k in months. From 5k run to marathon race in 4 months. People that doesn’t want to train with weights because they think they will build big muscles or based a full programme on increasing the core reps thinking that quantity is over quality because it is the new “X” fitness trend.

My personal conclusion is that don’t be scared to start a training program feeling intimidated about what you see on social media, everyone is different with different goals, just ask for advice to a qualified Coach or Sports Science Graduate before follow any magic program and always don’t forget the progress principle on your workout considering your level of fitness. Always Health before Performance to train safe ,taking time to assimilate and adapt your body to the workout, you can train for your health or push to improve your performance,but always be concerned about what you doing and what you want to archieve, for health , for fun and just to be happy without any kind of pressure.



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