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Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas are here! The time truly runs a fast pace, I don’t know where this year went, but only is almost done and we know that January is approaching and many fit goals will be planned. So for those that forgot to buy a Secret Santa or Christmas present, I will recommend you some useful last minute presents that you can find easy and be on point :

1. Effort test: The most essential and important experience for any kind of level of fitness,as it should be a “must do” before to start any training program or get ready for a race or competition. This simple test, based on running on a treadmill elevating the pace gradually and measuring your VO2 and Heart rate, it will help you to detect any respiratory or cardiovascular issue. For this reason, it is important to have it done for everyone ,as a beginner to check that you are on the right condition to start an activity that it will demands an effort or for an advanced individual,who wants to improve his/her performance. An effort test will give really deep details about Heart Rates zones that suits for every pace,making easy to plan the season. You can buy a voucher for it on any Sports Science lab or Medical Sports clinic, it would be a great present.

2. Physiotherapist treatment: This is crucial for any of us and I have to say that this is my Christmas present this year. Always is welcome a sports massage for any runner or active person, we are humans and our chains are getting rusty form time to time, but we need to say that we are not looking after them enough. A physiotherapist consultation or treatment is a lovely treat for any fitness lover or active person out there .

3.Compression Socks:This is the perfect and easy present to make happy to a runner!Some people are using them all the time or just like me that  I prefer to wear them to prevent injuries like carf pain  during a hard training session or during a race with high demand of my  muscle’s endurance.

4.EarsBand and Gloves:Winter…That’s means cold! So never is enough to have a extra pair or running gloves or earsband for running to protect you during your runs on this low temperature conditions ,where it is really easy to get sick ,which will break down our training program ,something that we don’t want to!!.

5.Race Entry: Crazy idea as it is ,but I am sure about many people would love it! Imagine to get a race entry for that event that your dear fit friend is talking about or sign up together for a weekend adventure, it would be lovely! Get that motivation high a get a race entry that suits his/her level of fitness. Maybe a 5k to start with, cycling event or hiking for beginners. Half marathon,marathon or event triathlon for advanced, it would be awesome!

So Last Minute Fit Christmas Present sorted! Definitely these are the key presents that you can’t get wrong, personally I will love them and your friends and family too ;).

Happy Christmas to everyone!



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