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Marathon Girl’s diary: 261wm Yoga-Running

It was 4 months ago when I started my journey to this adventure leading Meet Run every month to motivate and help brave ladies to go for a big challenge in 2015, a


But now, we are just to 10 days to fly to excited!! That’s why I think it is the perfect time to remember what we done and how we can still do.

Our first official Meet Run , It couldn’t start better, with the visit of  the real inspirit of this race, our lovely Karherine Switzer, who is a historic Women’s symbol and also a wonderful  women who is really close to the people and she brings you the inspiration with one only word: fearless.


November 261 Meet Run was introduced  with a motivational speech from  our Incredible Katherine, following of  a training session , which I had the pleasure to drive, focussed on Running -yoga. And what it exactly that?


Basically are different types of yoga and when and how you can do it.  From my point of view, I am not yoga instructor and always I loved HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training),but  since years ago with some back pain issues, I start to practice yoga and defiantly it helps a lot ,specially when you feel that your muscles are really tight.

That’s why, I believe the importance of strength ,balance and stretching, which yoga combines and how you can apply that to your running session or training program.


In terms of running, always I like to do it on my active rest day ( low activity to support my training program) or after a run with a comfortable pace .In case of 261 wm marathon runners, it is perfect after a long run  and do it as cool-down for 20 min.


As may you guys know, there are too many yoga positions ( asanas ) that you can practice, but during a ” yoga-running ” session , a perfect combination of positions focus on low body, specially on the muscles you use when you run ,it will helps to recover after your workout and also improving the length of your muscles, which help you to prevent injuries.


So  runners, don’t forget to stretch ! If you don’t know how to start, the following video is a small recap of the most beneficial dynamic exercises inspired on yoga for runners ,which I was teaching during our ” yoga-running” 261WM Meet Run in London.

I have to say that really sorry about my technique it is not as that great at the moment ,but I am already on my way to improve it!

.I hope you guys enjoy!

All the best!


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