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Marathon Girl’s Diary: The Inspiration


Hi dear Runners! How is everyone feeling? I am sure full of energy to hit your week! yeahh! It was a little while ago when I wrote my last post and the reason why it is that I was quiet busy planning the next Ultimate Women’s Running Challenge 261WM & 10Km!

This amazing race will take place on 8th March 2015 in Mallorca, Spain.Also,it will be a really special day being the International Women’s day! yess!! It is more than a race ,just because it has an incredible true history behind it. As all you know ,I am pro-women’s movement around the Sports, trying to bring the inspiration about running and fitness with the only aim to have fun and make happy to everyone through physical activity as it does for me :).

So 261WM it was created to bring the inspiration about running and offering a challenge to every single Women to believe that they can go there and complete their own challenge supporting each other where the levels of fitness it is not the main point.

But why 261? it is not only a number.. it the history of Katherine Switzer,the most fearless woman on the history of running,who signed in with her initials K.S. at Boston Marathon in 1967 with the only aim to complete the distance and enjoy the race, but unfortunately on that time ,Women’s wasn’t allowed to run a Marathon officially and during the course of the race,the event director tried to expel her from the route by force:”Out of my race.Give me the number” he said and assaulted her. However,Katherine did not lose her dignity and ended the marathon with her number 261 becoming a such Women’s running legend,who changed the history of the Women’s rights.


After hear this incredible story, I didn’t hesitate to be part of this amazing adventure getting ready for my first official Marathon and also be 261WM Lead Coach in London ,delivering 261WM Meet Runs and free training programs ,bringing the inspiration to every single Women to participate and create an amazing crew training together,supporting each other and flying to Mallorca to believe what are you able to do!! .

By the way,we have done an unforgettable Meet Run with Katherine this month, where the girls had the opportunity to meet here and get whole the motivation from this lovely and fearless women,but I will told whole history in the next posts,so just wait a little bit 🙂 .

However,if you not are sure about the race ,don’t worry about the distance,if it is your first race, you can do 10km and enjoy the experience,you have enough time to prepare it!

Exciting? Let’s go!!

Miss PT Xx


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