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MOvember run!

  How great  is get fit and enjoy the same time? I am sure about that too many people  are trying to convince some friends or family member to go for a run or training together .Perhaps you feel more confident if your sister run with you or if one of your friends come too, having a funny chat about your plans for the weekend.

    That is a perfect excuse to meet and train the same time,but other possibility is joining to a Run Club like NikeTown London Run Club ,where you will find a lovely running family ready to run 


different distances(3,4 or 7 miles) or interval training on your own pace,meet new people,spend good times in friendly company  and live amazing experiences!

    Last Crazy one was last Tuesday,where we join the cause of  month-long event involving the “growing of mustaches” during the month of November to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancer and associated charities. So,we made ready our stylish sticker mustaches and  we run across the city center wearing proudly our “Casanova” mustache,between others ones.


It was so funny how we enjoyed it showing our Movember’s faces!

Next one is Christmas run in 2 weeks time,where  Saint Claus and  Christmas costumes are all welcome !!

    I hope to see you there 😉


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