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Natural running

   A couple years ago it started to grow in popular, it’s called “barefoot running” or “barefooting”.What is it? Why so popular? These are common questions which running friends come to ask me.

   Barefoot running is not a new running technique, it originated many years ages when the first human on the earth starts to walking,running and hunting without any kind of protection on his foots. Using their body’s in a natural unaltered way.

   The reason why this trend is suddenly popular again, because its how we move and a bit of common sense mixed with new research.

    Runners of different fitness levels, different distances, ages and genders seem to suffer at sometime or another time of running pains or injuries, regardless of their  expensive running shoes advertising the best technology and cushion will “make you fly”. Sound familiar?

    Just to be clear, we do need shoes to help protect our feet from the environment and impact in some of our training session but the same time they making the muscles in our feet and legs “lazy”. This means a cushioning shoes will reduce the strength and action that some of muscles and tendons during running.That’s why barefoot training has picked up popularity, we are trying to rediscover pure movement, reduce the artificial support around our foot and strengthen the muscles and tendons that will help with running.

  Barefooting is a great technique to add to your training and  will help your running but there is advice  i would offer before jumping “feet first” into Barefoot running. 1) Take your time, try small distances first. Maybe start with 100m and each week build on that. 2) find a soft, forgiving surface like like a field to start with. Grass really helps and soft sand works to 3) Consider minimal shoes, something with little sole, low to the ground and freedom for your feet to move. The

 Nike bionics are a great place to start looking. 4) The best advice of the bunch, to get results without risking injury or spending money, try walking around the house barefoot. You can do this any time of the day, winter or summer.    If you would like to find out more about benefits of learn some great drills to help with barefoot exercises, join our free 30 min Barefoot clinic with FIT Concepts after Nike NTC Train2Run with Coach G. 11:45 Saturday  1st of February The  Hub Cafe Regents park


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