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One Healthy Day

It is typical to ask yourself what you shall eat or not. Always the same doubts about what I shall cook,quick, fast and healthy. And the truth is that we forgot about the food and just we remember when we are hungry and we have don’t have a time along our busy life. The main mistake is to go by the easy and wrong way: fast food meals and precooked food from the supermarket.There are the most caloric and unhealthy food that you can get,not beneficial at all for you metabolic system.

As I am sure you heard about it,It is a healthy trend go for Organic food, 100% natural ingredients selling as the most healthy way to eat  and the most expensive prices sometimes too.Wait..what is special on that?It is just natural ingredients against frozen and precooked food,but you can avoid this bad habits with simple ideas like:

My “Good Morning ” Breakfast

  1.   Coffee with milk: Caffeine always give you energy for the rest of the day,so mixed with milk it is my morning’s fuel.


“Good Morning ” Breakfast

  1. Ham Sandwich with brown bread : Some protein and minerals like sodium nitrate are providing from this meat to supply your muscle’s energy.It is the perfect combination with Brown bread,which  has more fiber and nutrients than white bread, since it is not processed as much as the latter.

  2. Orange Juice: Fresh orange juice is the richest source of vitamin C and fulfills an entire day’s worth of vitamin C in just one serving. Chock full of useful minerals like potassium and magnesium, orange juice is also very low in fat and contains no cholesterol whatsoever.It is just delicious!

  2.My main course

  1. Pasta with pest sauce: Carbohydrates. it is the main fuel for my aerobic workout  with an amazing pesto flavor.


Lovely Pasta with Spinach

  1. Spinach with tomato and mozzarella  :Veggies are other of my passion and the perfect low calories ingredient and also rich in minerals as zinc ,vitamins and proteins,which  function as anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agents.Low caloric soft cheese like  Mozzarella maintains  healthy skin and vision and the formation of red blood cells. Also,it contains fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D and E, which are important for bone growth, absorption of calcium and protection of cell membranes.


Miss PT Grilled Chicken

  3. Grilled Chicken and salad: Grilled chicken breast can provide you with an excellent source of daily protein. Try eating healthy grilled chicken breast for lunch with big servings of vegetables. Delicious meals created using your outdoor grill, like a slice of grilled chicken breast marinated in olive oil, spices and lemon, matched with a salad of crispy and fresh vegetables, can make you feel fuller and satisfied.

In resume my dear  friends, eating healthy does not have to be bland or tasteless. Make use of natural ingredients like your spices and herbs to create a dish of healthy food with a delicious flavor. In the end, it is what we eat that will determine if we are indeed following our goal of eating healthy.


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