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The self-isolation period is coming to an end little by little, we are going out and we get crazy about exercising as soon as possible and losing all those "extra Kg" (well, we must remember that weight is not what matters, it all about body composition) fast and running.

It is said that people that wants to cope with a lot faster, they doesn't get anywhere and it is something that you can apply to all areas of your life and especially at this time. We must be aware that even if you have done training at home during quarantine or especially if you have not done anything at all, it can have a negative impact on your body if you return to your routine before quarantine as if nothing happened. I mean for example guys, that if the first thing you do is go for a run 10k because you feel super power with the hormones over the roof, it may get the a negative impact and you will wonder how... Well here I leave you what happens to your body after quarantine:

1.Training at home: We have been full of energy training at the stroke of @instalive and the impact is not the same as when we train in our normal routine. Remember that the only exercise we have done in 3 months has been our training on live and back to the sofa almost without walking !.

2. Lack of steps: We have not gone to work on foot, we have not stayed with friends, we have not stayed with our training groups and although we feel physically energetic or with the positivity batteries charged, we have not accumulated steps. Something so simple that it keeps our metabolism active, our muscles and joints strengthened with something as basic as walking that we have not done during this period of time.

3. Muscle loss: We do not have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger with huge muscles, but we are humans (don't misunderstand me, he is too! ) and we must have a basic and necessary muscle volume, so that our body can respond to its basic needs , such as responding to physical effort, climbing stairs or even support our body weight avoiding injuries such as broken bones, reducing age diseases such as osteoporosis or the appearance of arthritis.

That is why I recommend you work in a progressive and individualized way, your fitness is not the same as that of the neighbor and it is possible that things that you do not give importance to such as knee pain, back pain, getting tired very quickly, you may understand that it is not something related to your fitness and you may have an injury that can get worse if you don't give it the attention it deserves.

MissFitTip: Work on creating an aerobic base, pay attention to strength work, plus flexibility and rest are key t balance to feel good inside and out.

That is why the team always finds professional advice, I already know that I am always happy to help you improve your health in a healthy way.

We read in the next post and you can always find more tips on Instagram @ miss_personal_trainer.

Much Fit Love for all team

Miriam Jimenez


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