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Dear Runners!

Time for Running Challenges! Being busy for these few months, I am back with new tips and experience to share,so here we go!

From the day that I ran my first ever Half-marathon like 8 years ago, when I was running cross country season and the longest distance covered during my training session was 12km,I thought I was ready for it but I wasn’t. However, my mistake was not the distance covered,it was about run 21km thinking in 12km,quiet fast pace thinking that I will feel great all the way until I saw the famous” WALL”that point described by Sports Scientist  as “hitting the wall or the bonk , a condition caused by the depletion of glycogen stores in the liver andmuscles, which manifests itself by sudden fatigue and loss of energy. Milder instances can be remedied by brief rest and the ingestion of food or drinks containing carbohydrates. The condition can usually be avoided by ensuring that glycogen levels are high when the exercise begins, maintaining glucose levels during exercise by eating or drinking carbohydrate-rich substances, or by reducing exercise intensity”.

I didn’t know it was an actual name for it, but it was exactly that moment where your legs say “enough is enough” and they became heavy like stones ,not more  legs to fly as I had the first 10k. My cardio was perfect,but when the machine doesn’t have  fuel left ,it is hard to keep the same pace.

My “wall” appeared at km 18,for some runners it is different, depending how your treat your body during your race or your training journey,but if it is one thing clear for me ,it is don’t underestimate your body.Another mistake was that I hadn’t hydrated my body well during the race,because I wasn’t feel hungry or thirsty but it was an obvious mistake. Your body doesn’t show you the fuel left, it is your responsibility to treat it how deserves.

However, I finished the race, running around 4min/km the first 10km and I finished dragging my legs the last 4 km at 6-7min/km trying to don’t fall on the floor before the finish line.I thought that my last steps would be like one of those situations like Hyvon Ngetich,kenian athlete,who was crawling the last metres to the finish line at Texas Marathon last year,so dramatic experience . But yeah, I finished on 2.15min with a such bad feelings that make me feel sick for one whole week(stomach issues,deep sore legs).

Anyway,a good lesson of how trust so much on your performance,just for being a fit cross country  runner at that time ,making you think that you can eat the world..but no!  That’s why I took really in consideration my following half-marathons and marathon last year to don’t fall on the same mistakes .

Even running a 261WM marathon (the only marathon exclusive for women) last year , I choose to run half marathon this year as the race team included this new distance and also because I wanted to improve my PB (1.40min)6 years ago . So,once there last 8th April , even if  I wasn’t train as much as I wished because I started the year in quit bad way,with flu and and chest infection ( twice this year with this cray weather). And also, run with different trainers than used to (Zoom Elite instead Lunarglide or Flyknit3,which are the best form for me)during a high hills training session, I pulled my soleus muscle  leaving me out for 10 days before the week of the race.

However, running 15km 8 days before the race day on a really steady pace, I found out really good and just  with 3 more shorts runs of 5km and 1 session of short sets (20min warm up +10x200m high hills)   5 days before the race, it was my  training sessions before the day.


Thinking just to enjoy the race and follow my feelings, I landed in Mallorca as 261 Coach with The London Team,which some of them like Maria and Donna, whom ran their First Half Marathon and did incredible well sprinting at the end! I was so excited about cheer as many women as I could during and after the race and meet more brave women running their first or one more race! Personally,I was really excited to meet Nuria Fernandez, Olympic Runner ,mum of 3 lovely girls and with her 39 years-old ,she is still a great Elite Professional runner. A great example of “yes,you can” and with  incredible personality ,so close to the people. She really is a  inspirational women!


London Crew!


The race day arrived and once I stated running I was running 4.30min/km feeling great and scared at the same time.You wanted to be comfortable but don’t want to go too fast to face that wall. Incredibly I felt great all race but I struggled the last 5km, when the lovely german Carmen Isele were trying to pass me, I wasn’t ready for  a fight  one or other position,but seeing that I was on 3rd position all race, I tried my best to don’t give up. Finally ,we fought at the sprint but I maintained my position finishing on 1.36min and I didn’t saw the wall this time ! Defiantly this race is worth it to run  and the route and the atmosphere across helps a lot to keep your motivation high!

FullSizeRender (6)

Don’t expecting this at all, I shared podium with the great Nuria Fermandez 1st position (1.17min) and the strong turkish Ipek Onaran (1.28min).Seriously, It was a dream comes true, because even If I know my time it is not a elite level like them, be with these incredible girls was a moment to remember.  Thanks to all 261wm /smm team for make me feel part of this beautiful experience one more year ,nothing more special to see women of all ages getting emotional crossing the finish line!.


So, my personal advice it is to train your body for your fitness challenges and always do the right thing to avoid injuries and bad experiences, always something could happen anyway,but at least try to be ready and don’t push yourself to the limits if you have big events like long distance races,which required 100% preparation .


However, good luck with all your further events and If anyone is running Hackney Half Marathon next 8th May ,I see you runners there!

With  Running love,

Miriam SJ

Miss Personal Trainer


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