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Welcome another week to the blog and today I would like to share the answer to the million dollar question: Do you lose weight by sweating? It is one of the most common questions that the majority of the population usually assimilates as a symbol of losing weight quickly, so in the following paragraphs I am going to tell you about the scientific evidence on which I base my personal opinion.

It is logical to think that if you lose water through sweat it means losing those extra kilos, a myth that is not entirely true, since you lose water, not fat and also as a general rule we generally assume this premise based on people who sweat more lose more weight, something that has nothing to do with one thing with another.

Well, let's go by parts describing what sweat is, which scientifically speaking is a physiological response of our own body to the increase of our internal body temperature. For this reason, the higher temperature is the space where are you training, the greater the sweat response of your body.

So what function sweat has?

As I have already mentioned, sweat is a response of the body to regulate the internal temperature, our body is very intelligent and knows perfectly what is a good body temperature according to our age and individual characteristics that is usually around 37C in adults.

That is why training with excess clothing, in places with heat or humidity can increase our body temperature and in response sweat appears to regulate our body temperature, which has nothing to do with losing fat through sweat, since the only thing you lose is electrolytes, being sodium and potassium the most fundamental for the cellular balance called homeostasis, in addition this weight is recovered with the replacement of water after exercise.

And also, loose water that in extreme cases can create dehydration and a negative impact on the body balance of your body.

Another question is, why are there people who sweat more than others?

One of the functions of fat is that of protection, it works as a kind of "body coat" and if your body temperature increase, you would break a sweat sooner, according to Ángel Durantez, a specialist in Physical Education Medicine and the sport. So the greater body fat composition, the greater the increase in sweat response, although it also has to do with a genetic component, since women, having normally more fat, have more sweat glands, but those of men are more active and they tend to sweat more.

Therefore, sweating more does not mean losing fat and it will also have a negative effect on your cell balance and body composition, something that we must take into account when constantly hydrating ourselves during physical activity,

I hope you liked it and we read very soon with other posts!

You already know that you can find more tips and a post full of energy at @miss_personal_trainer!

Much Fit Love!

Miriam Jimenez


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