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Why Women?

All the time I got the same question…Why are you training only women? It is not just men or women, I love to train and coach to everyone who needs help or just company to workout. It is true that I am focus mainly all the time on women and girls because from my experience, there are quiet insecure about how to get involve in sports, fitness class, etc. They feel a little bit scared to do something and not be on the same level of fitness that the rest or don’t have any idea attending a new activity.

Do not look down,just jump!!

    When I meet to new women ,which haven’t done sports for long time and I want to invite them for a Meet Run or training session,just to motivate and get active with a new plans for their free time,always they said that they can not go fast,they prefer go alone, etc. because I guess they feel stress to get involved with something new for them, thinking they will be “the last one”.

    For some reason , mostly of the men ,they are brave and feeling confident to do some sports,they don’t think about what it is going to happen, but the ladies think more about when to attend the first class of their life than actually just doing it!

      This is the reason why I love to motivate girls around yoga ,running,HIIT, free weights… why not !! between plenty of options to do some exercise ,which you can do indoors and outdoors. It is because , women need a small jog forwards to believe that they are more strong than they think to get involve in physical activities. I know women, we are a powerful, but we need to believe on what we can do and don’t give up on the fist attempt.

      So girls, if you are still thinking about how to get motivated, it is not better inspiration that yourself.It is time to be happy,confident,powerful,beautiful…be yourself! You have  everything you need ,just you need to believe it!,

    Have a lovely Monday  lovelies!! 🙂


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